7 Must-Haves For Your Dream Luxury Kitchen


One of the secret ingredients for good food is a good kitchen. From whimsical to sleek, some of the luxury kitchen designs may surprise you. If you are ready to remodel your kitchen or build your dream home, take time to review kitchen designs because it’s all about creating clean, open, functional, and calming spaces with plenty of room for character and personal style. In the end, it’s your dream kitchen, and you can have it all — and more.


Here are the top 7 must-have design features for a dream luxury kitchen. Some are extravagant, while others are more practical, and all are worth considering as designer touches you might want to include in your next kitchen renovation — even if it’s only in your dreams for now.


Multifunctional Island


Looking for more surface area, seating, storage, and more? A multifunctional kitchen island can be a great prep spot, especially if it has a built-in sink. It can also be utilized as a bar or breakfast area. But the versatility doesn’t stop here. A large island enables you to interact with kids doing homework and socialize with guests.


Quartz Countertops


Quartz is an engineered material that is both heat- and stain-resistant perfect for busy cooking spaces. The man-made wonder of the kitchen mimics the look of other popular countertop materials such as granite or marble. And quartz is easier to maintain and comes in an excellent choice of colors.


Touch-Activated Faucets


Meet this year’s must-have kitchen gadget. The last two years’ most discussed topics are germs, bacteria, and viruses. That’s why touchless kitchen faucets come as the best alternative to manual units. With a sharp, deep sink, a touch-activated faucet adds finesse. These smart, sensor-activated devices aren’t just for minimalist tech-head homes.


Built-In Refrigerator


When it comes to home decor innovation, appliances get interesting—refrigerators especially. Who doesn’t love a built-in and minimalist look? There are refrigerators so simple they line up perfectly with kitchen cabinets. Articulating hinges allow them to open fully. Also, customized panels blend your refrigerator and freezer into the adjacent cabinetry and enhance your kitchen’s overall aesthetic.


Walk-In Pantry


Food storage, elevated. Transform a usually messy pantry into a storage success with the addition of a walk-in pantry. Smart storage solutions and savvy design can make life a lot easier (and snacking a lot more stylish). Customize your pantry to suit your home and lifestyle. Add this to the top of the must-haves and thank us later.


Enclosed Trash and Recycling


Trash cans and recycling bins aren’t exactly attractive, so it’s best to keep them out of sight. They take up floor space, often smell bad, and attract house flies and other bugs. Hidden storage or pull-out trash cans won’t detract from your kitchen’s appearance. Custom cabinets can include compartments for your waste containers.


Statement Light Fixtures


Get ready to brighten up your kitchen. Recently, homeowners are falling for statement light fixtures that add a “wow” factor to the interior. More than just a light source, lights can transform the space’s look and feel. For maximum impact, the statement fixtures in a central area—such as over an island or dining room table or an entrance—can make a magical difference to your home.


When it comes to creating your dream kitchen, the sky is the limit. Since the kitchen is the hub of the home, consider these must-haves while building or remodeling a kitchen space.