10 Prettiest Kitchen Designs of 2021


If you thought that luxury kitchen cabinets are only the privilege of the rich, elite, and celebrities, you’re mistaken. Kitchens can be the busiest and most expensive space in the house. Everyone deserves a beautiful luxury kitchen. That means you too!


Whether you want something bright and whimsical or monochromatic and sophisticated, these pretty kitchen designs will inspire you to think outside the box. Make a nice cup of coffee, get cozy, and read on to learn about the 10 Prettiest Kitchen Designs of 2021.


Add Glitter with Gold


Stainless steel is a modern kitchen staple, but the edgy, high-shine gold tones are starting to make their mark, creating a massive splash in the market. The gold mirrored surface on the counter brings some glamour to the playful element giving it a rich and luxurious feel.


Give it an Edge


It’s been the year of concrete floors that bring an understated edge to kitchens. There are still classic hardwood panels or fun, colorful tiles popular amongst some designers, but the sleek grittiness of polished concrete is a welcome change. They inject more personality into your cooking space and give it a stylish edge.


Let there be Natural Light


Adding more (or bigger) windows to the kitchens can bring the outdoors insideā€”helping a kitchen to feel more upbeat and open. They are instant mood boosters. An interesting tool to achieve this is Mirrors. They are a simple way to add natural light into space by reflecting the light source and amplifying it.


Hide the Hood


If a classic stainless steel hood feels too stark or old school in your space, then let’s conceal it. It’s a clever solution and adds the aesthetics of your desire. Hiding a hood, or any appliance for that matter, helps focus the attention on the kitchen cabinetry and other design elements.


Play with Asymmetry


Reinforce the symmetrical design of your kitchen by throwing in a bit of asymmetry. It’ll bring a modern and fresh mood to your cooking space. The intentional asymmetrical balance instantly draws the guests’ attention, creating an incredible contrast with the rest of the linear and symmetrical elements.


Display Everything


Floating shelves are making a comeback. Like in the old days, a collection of glassware, tableware, or ceramic kitchen essentials make a pretty display. You can even add an abstract, modern framed artwork on the top shelf to create a real (and unexpected) gallery aesthetic.


Tile Backsplash


Today’s tile backsplashes add a brilliant accent to one of the most visited rooms of the household, rounding out the space with exciting textures, colors, and design patterns. Ceramic, porcelain, cement, stone, marble, and even glass are common styles for backsplashes.


Kitchen Gardens


Growing our own food is a hobby that many people across the world have discovered in the past year. And now we have kitchens that make way for this productive hobby. Add shelves/window sills for potted herbs or vertical gardens for microgreens in the kitchens.


Two-tone kitchen


Thanks to its simplicity, function, and appeal, the Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a new trend and one of the most popular styles today. For instance, a grey and white palette creates a balance between purity and calmness, which is the opposite of a busy kitchen.


Smart Storage


The demand for Smart Storage increased due to the rise in modern kitchen styles. Get your kitchen cabinets and countertops decluttered once and for all with these smart storage layouts in your cooking space. Hide the appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, toasters, and even garbage bins, along with the flow of cabinets in the kitchen.


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